Storks are a really common animal here in Portugal, but it wasn’t always like that, so there’s an environmental law to protect their nests. In this case, the storks have taken this house many years ago, there’s a lot of nests in it, and the owner can’t do anything with […]

Home of Storks

This Tuesday was definitely an inspiration day for me, and the result was this delicious risotto… I’ve always loved to cook, but it’s not always both delicious and beautiful… For me, this is the best therapy possible: cook, take the picture and eat! 🙂

Kitchen inspiration

Who says there’s no beauty in the beach when it’s cold? Everything looks quite blue and peaceful, but this was a party day on the mountains, full of music and good companies. I didn’t have my tripod (I’m not used to take my tripod to my friends b-day parties, maybe […]

Cold Morning on the Beach

I’m starting this blog with this picture, cause it’s one I really love… Not just because I think it’s a beautiful picture, but it was one of those days that was very cold and raining, but was a perfect day anyway… Ireland is a beautiful place to go, we had […]

The real first